Thursday, 8 March 2012

Recycled Pepsi Cola plastic bottle into clear slice cake favor boxes / Cutii marturii reciclate

 Question: What do you do with an empty bottle of Pepsi/Coca Cola? Well, you can bin it or recycle it, like I did.
Oh, yes, what you see here are 2 recycled bottles of Pepsi Cola. Of course recycled in gorgeous favor boxes.
It is funny how one thing leads to another. I've been goggling for birdhouses. I want one. And I saw a really cute one made from a plastic bottle. So, last night I was doing some paper card favor boxes, the ones shaped like a slice of cake, and thinking how could I make a birdhouse from a plastic bottle. We drank the last drops from a 2.5 liters and now the plastic bottle was in front of me: empty. I looked at it (while working on my card favor boxes ) and I just thought there's a lot of nice, clear plastic in that bottle. You see the 2.5 liters bottle of Pepsi Cola is big, therefore if you cut the top and the bottom you get a really nice, almost like an A4 clear plastic sheet. 
Can you get something 'greener' than that?

 You can put pretty much anything in them. The plastic is very hard. You can also make a rainbow of colors. 

 Ce poti face cu o sticla goala de Pepsi Cola de 2,5L? O arunci sau o reciclezi. Cutiile acestea (marturii de nunta/botez reciclate) sunt facute din 2 sticle de 2,5l de Pepsi Cola.

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Meda said...

Super! Chiar e frustrant sa arunci atata plastic la gunoi.