Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Small hats as boutonnieres / palarii ca si cocarde

I thought I'd start making other things for quite some time, but I didn't know what. Just like everybody else that works in arts and crafts I bought these hats just because I loved them. And I have had them for quite a while now. I wanted a project where they could stand out. I have finally found the perfect use for them: as boutonnieres. I love them  simple as they are or added some feathers. Love, love them.

De mult timp ma gandesc sa mai incerc si alte lucruri, dar nu am stiut ce. Ca toata lumea care lucreaza in lumea crafturilor, am cumparat palariile astea mici pentru ca mi-au placut. Si le am cam de multisor. Dar am vrut sa le folosesc intr-un proiect care sa le scoata in evidenta. Intr-un final am gasit proiectul perfect: ca si cocarde. Imi plac cum arata simple sau cu pene. Le ador.

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