Friday, 27 March 2015

Paper butterflies / Fluturi din carton

colorful handmade paper butterflies

handmade paper butterflies
Double paper butterflies

yellow handmade paper butterflies

lilac handmade paper butterflies

pink handmade paper butterflies

green handmade paper butterflies
3D beautiful double or triple butterfly
Flower arrangement with PAPER BUTTERFLIES.
Custom paper butterflies
Colorful butterfly decoration - how to use our paper butterflies!

paper butterflies in flower arrangement

A client asked for these butterflies. Aren't they beautiful? Although my hand hurt for a few days from cutting all of them I am glad I did it. And how lovely do they look on the flower arrangement?

And everything packed...

Si totul impachetat...

O clienta mi-a cerut acesti fluturi. Asa-i ca sunt frumosi? Desi m-a durut mana cateva zile de la atata taiat ma bucur ca i-am facut. Si cat de frumosi sunt in aranjamentele florale?

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Fluturii sunt tare frumosi si de efect