Saturday, 28 March 2009

cutie de gunoi / trash bin, rubbish bin

Sunt uimita ce chestii poti face din lucruri pe care vrei sa le arunci!
Am avut carton mult, si-mi trebuia un cos de gunoi. Asa ca am luat cartonul si l-am taiat la dimensiuni si apoi l-am lipit cu scotch.
Am luat toate revistele care nu mai imi trebuiau si am decupat ce mi-a placut de acolo, iar pozele respective le-am lipit pe cos.
Da, stiu, nu arata cine stie ce, dar e o idee - ce poti face cu lucruri care vrei sa le arunci.
I am always amazed of what you can do from things you dont need anymore!
I had a lot of hard cardstock (the brown one you receive each item you buy) and I needed a rubbish bin. So, I took the cardstock, cut it into the dimensions I needed and then cellar taped everything together carefully. Then I took all the magazines that I didn't need anymore and cut some celebrity pictures. I have glued these pictures to the bin. Yes, I know it doesn't look very nice, but it was my first try and I quite like the result.

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